An Advent Challenge

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28

Today is the official start of Advent, one of the busiest times of year. For most, the weeks leading up to Christmas are full of hustle, bustle, shopping, decorating, and preparing to entertain family and friends.

But to truly celebrate the season, we have another kind of preparing to do, and that is to make room for Jesus at the inn (and we are the inn)! During the next four weeks leading up to Christmas, we have an opportunity to prepare our hearts to receive him more fully into our lives.

The paradox is, we have to slow down in this season of busyness to do that. We have to slow down to spend more time with Him so we can give the gift of our full presence. He promises rest for our overburdened selves if we do. His yoke is light. We’re the ones who lay heavy burdens on ourselves with endless errands and ridiculously long to-do lists.

What Jesus wants is simplicity itself. He wants to spend time with us—he wants the gift of our presence! So as this season of Advent begins today, let us slow down to spend more time with Him so we can better share the gift of Jesus with those who cross our path this season. After all, Christmas is not about buying gifts to put under the tree—it’s about the gift of Jesus himself!

Lord, help me to slow down and spend more time with you this Advent season. Help me to rest in your presence and be still, so I can share more fully with others the joy of this season and all it truly means.



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