Are You Expecting?

Somewhere in our family photos is a picture of me about the age of three, standing on my tiptoes, looking out our front door. My grandmother had just told me that Jesus was coming, and with the complete trust of child, I took her literally and began to peer out the window to see if I could spot him walking down the street.

Advent is a season of expectation, of joyful hope, of preparation for Jesus’ coming into the world. This season, I want to recapture some of the childlike faith that I had when I was three, when I was watching and waiting for Jesus to walk down the street.

Why? I think that is part of what Advent is all about. It’s about waiting, it’s about getting ready, it’s about preparing for Jesus’ birth. When we wait for the arrival of someone we love, we get excited, we feel joy in the anticipation of being reunited. I want to feel that same joy this season.

But in order to feel that joy and to get in touch with that childlike faith, I have to slow down enough to feel His presence.

Be still and know that I am God. Be still and know that I am. Be still and know. Be.

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